There Among the Fae, ‘Holly and Fox’ by Ivy Shawl-Song

Excerpt from Book 1:

print 33

There was a little fox once

A child loved with all her heart

She was small and soft and pretty Holly pulled her in a cart

Then one morn they went to cross

The bridge round Teardrop Bay

A wheel came loose, The cart did tip

The fox did fall away

Holly ran along the banks

And called a name so loud

Fox swam and swam with all its might

But did not come around

Once the fox was out of sight

Holly climbed a rock nearby

I’m sorry pretty fox of mine

She called, and then she cried

Oh, Stop, He croaked, a grumpy toad

Resting on the banks

You’re blocking all my sunshine

Can’t you move now, Please and Thanks?

The little girl did scoop him up

And looked him in the eye

Oh, Toad, You must have seen just now

My pretty fox go by?

Yes, He said, He puffed his cheeks

So wide, She stumbled back

A woodsman took your pretty fox

And put it in a sack.

She gasped and cried—Oh, Toad, not so.

You must have had a dream

My pretty fox was there—Right there

She pointed down the stream

Toad just huffed and puffed his cheeks

He croaked the rudest laughter

He hopped and plopped and jumped

His way back in the rising water….

print 43


Currently handmade by Phoebe Surana-Mehyt and Ivy Shawl-Song. Illustrated by Phoebe. This is an ongoing effort to bring treasures and magical fables to the magical folk around the world.


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