Bound by the Sacred Oath that All of Her is Enough for Me.


I draw to color because it is in color that I find all light connected. From the starry dance of gemstones to the elegance of a flame, from a flowering orchard to the iridescent flash of a beetle’s armor. The light can free me from time or keep me confined to continuum’s of space. When I touch my paintings and guide my hand through the flow of inspiration, my painting touches me back. And we travel together, eternally gifted with new messages. For it is one with me and I am one with it. And together we make this life an expression of God’s dream…

gold pentagram 2

The Goddess flows fluidly through matter at the point of a flower.

It is in the lightness of the flower’s beings, that pristine thoughts carry, the clarity of paradise on Earth. 

The Oracle now learns how art really works. With great courage she is called to her destiny…

I have walked to the edge, I have been held by the wind… but I did not see the Goddess.

I have focused my sight, gathered my might, then shut my eyes tight!

But still I did not see the Goddess.

So I let go of all that I was carrying with me;

my coat, hat, and shoes and sat down to weep.

And now that my tears into a river have turned,

Flowing through my veins on a course unseen.

Now that what I’ve known has withered and burned

I feel the unknowable presence, of the Goddess, is Me.

Rose on Velvet by Phoebe

There is a grand bouquet of codes

An original wonder in keys of tones

A timeless find, a nature gate

A hidden world, an alchemist’s fate

This is an extraordinary House of Me

I hear and see

Woven in light fibers, a cellular tree

Bodies of color, many worlds in harmony

Realms upon realms of diverse unity

The branching of nerves in omni~sensory

gem design 7

The light opens still, moves slowly and rolls

over my body to beckon my soul

An orchestra of change, a new way of feeling

 A new way to behave in this new dawn of healing

To bring it in closely, to dance it to me

My body, my likeness in liquid carefree

Now I walk with one silver, one peach giant wing

And all of these waves, of color now sing

Stretch up and take, I, of oceans sky high

and bend down to bask in the heavens-Earth’s sigh

revelation realms

How I while away the day

The moments. They pass so bliss’fly slow

And every drop of dew pod thought effects the cosmic flow.

 “Remember!” I say. I cradle my Self Into a new light of God

And rock my Self all through the Sea, in a treasure filled gold gilded pod

“Emotions are strong,

And so is the wind,

Let it Thunder! and push you along…”

So here I take my coded Light, I dance with Light a secret way! 

My pod upon a rain dipped cloud I press into a Light filled fog

To part the veils, that make the walls, that stand in Shadow’s fray.


compilation of poetry by Phoebe Surana-Mehit

portrait from france

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  1. Shawl-Song says:

    I love “Let it Thunder! and push you along”

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